Artist Statement


My main mode of work is monoprint collages in which I portray pseudoscientific renderings of imagined specimen’s interrelationships. The factitious organisms are drawn from my interest in biology and the environment, which I use as a reference. These organisms are carefully placed onto the void of the paper to remove any reference of scale or place. My intention is for these compositions to suggest the wonder and revelation that is achieved by looking through a microscope onto a petri dish. It is also my intention for these scenarios to be studied, revealing the relationships and impact they have on each other.

I approach the creation of each piece by first producing monoprints using the natural chemical reactions with mineral spirits and ink to produce flora and fauna-like structures. These structures are then intricately excised and placed in collections of similar specimens. I then begin to play by mixing, grafting and layering the varying collections, always considering the impact of one on the other. Sometimes the impact is aesthetic and sometimes it is emotive.

It is within this attitude of creative research that I have found an artistic process that feels equally studious and spontaneous. Invented Biology is both familiar and foreign. It is with these attributes that I hope to both connect with the audience and stir their imagination.